We started this shop as a way to counter the negative messaging that is so commonly seen in the relationships between dads and daughters. We wanted to show that dads and daughters can have relationships built on discussions, knowledge, and trust instead of being built on protection with guns and biceps.

Our feminist t-shirt line also speaks to the emotional side of men and how we shouldn't feel limited in the way we display our masculinity. Masculinity is gentle, femininity is strong.

It is also our commitment to continue to support like-minded feminist organizations with a portion of our t-shirt sales. Every month we will choose a new organization to donate a portion of our t-shirt sales to.

The cross-stitch pieces? They're just fun. Our patterns and pieces look to expand the diversity of the cross-stitch world and feature some of the women who have had such a big impact in our lives


Have questions, concerns, or general feedback?

You can contact me at everydaygirldad@gmail.com