The Math Behind the Men Who Rate the Thirteenth Doctor

Did you know that the thirteenth Doctor in the Doctor Who series is a woman? It's true! This should not come as a very big surprise given the nature of the regenerative nature of the Doctor and that statistically it was just bound to happen that they wouldn't just keep turning into a white man every single time.

Jodie Whittaker has helmed the 11th season with her three companions and has taken us on a number of journeys. 

Just like in all the past seasons of this wonderful show, some have been average and forgettable and some have been wonderful and memorable.

Or have they?

Man after man (and I saw an angry woman too!) has taken to YouTube to share with the world how angry they are about the sexism against men, the racism against white people, and the many other non-statistics that this women-led series has taken on.

"LOoK aT tHE LoW RotTeN TOmaTOes SCOrE fOR pROoF!"

These men point to any number of reasons why they think Doctor Who now sucks but one recurring theme is the "social justice warrior" story line being told. It sure isn't because the Doctor is a woman now. No, they aren't sexist like that. They are simply pointing out other truths that have become evident.

And the evidence they keep pointing to as to how obviously everyone else thinks just like them is the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes for the most recent season.



"Worst series yet."

What is the Season 11 Rotten Tomatoes rating anyway?

Here it is.

Tomatometer (the one where people who watch television for a living vote)


Audience score (the one where people who also hated the women Ghostbusters vote) 


Okay, so we have determined that the audience hates this season. Or, I should clarify, we know that the audience who votes on Rotten Tomatoes hates this season.

I actually have loved it. But I need to leave my opinions out of this and stick to numbers.

And, based on the YouTube reviews I listened to regarding this hatred, the reason isn't that they simply hate Jodie Whittaker, they just hate the political correctness!

Doctor Who and this being the first season ever of social justice issues

Now, amazingly, Season 5, with Matt Smith at the helm scored much higher in audience score. 

Tomatometer (professionals) 

Audience score (not-professionals)

Really, every season has a much, much higher score but I'm calling this one out in particular because of one specific episode.

This season included the wildly popular Vincent and the Doctor episode which takes a very beautiful look into mental health and masculinity---topics very popular among those who discuss social justice issues.

Huh? What?

Well Vincent is a white man who is not Rosa Parks so maybe social justice is allowed to me discussed when it attempts to reassure white men that they are wonderful people who deserve support.

mike wearing a doctor who t-shirt with a cat in a doctor who outfit

(Sorry, it felt like we needed a break. Here's a cat as the Thirteenth Doctor)

Doctor Who has always focused on social justice issues even if they aren't taking place during some historical event. Denying this just displays ignorance of the series and its impact on culture throughout the years.

So historically, how have audiences scored Doctor Who?

Vote totals/score (audience)

Well, let's take a look at the total number of audience votes per season of Doctor Who and the total percentage each accumulated.

Season 1: 901 (86%)

Season 2: 772 (90%)

Season 3: 698 (93%)

Season 4: 717 (94%)

Season 5: 744 (91%)

Season 6: 717 (85%)

Season 7: 791 (83%)

Season 8: 1,239 (79%)

Season 9: 783 (83%)

Season 10: 576 (71%)

Season 11: 5,012 (24%)

Boy, I wonder why there may have been such an extreme spike in the number of people who suddenly felt the need to visit Rotten Tomatoes and drop in their audience score when only one other time did a Doctor Who season surpass even 1,000 votes.

It's not because of Jodie Whittaker. Nope. Not because men can't stomach the idea of women leading men. Because the 2016 Ghostbusters movie featuring women had a critic score of 74% and an audience score of 51% with 117,000+ votes.

I will concede one unexpected loss I'm taking here in that Mad Max: Fury Road only scores 12% lower in the critic vs. audience score battle and I thought the angry men would have been able to do better there.

Looking at that 12% discrepancy, I wonder what critics have rated past seasons of Doctor Who at. I wonder if there has always been this massive discrepancy like I see for the Thirteenth Doctor.

Vote score (critics)

Season 1: 7 (71%)

Season 2: 5 (100%)

Season 3: 6 (100%)

Season 4: 6 (100%)

Season 5: 10 (100%)

Season 6: N/A

Season 7: 5 (100%)

Season 8: 24 (92%)

Season 9: 16 (90%)

Season 10: 11 (91%)

Season 11: 38 (94%)

Oh, wow, nope. Only for her.

In Conclusion

I have spent too much time looking through these meaningless videos and statistics.

Look, you don't have to like every series fronted by a woman. Lord knows there are thousands of series led by men that I absolutely hate. Men can be really, really shitty actors, directors, and writers.

And here's my subtle point---if a women-led show doesn't appeal to you, you can quietly leave it alone. Women are also allowed to make shows people don't like, just like men have done forever and ever.

Good god, the weakness of a human who needs to cast aspersions on an alien life form in order to feel better about themselves is horrifying.