Is there something you have always wanted to try but have felt too worried by what others might think to do it?

I have with many things. Trying makeup, trying yoga, learning to cross-stitch are just a few of mine.

This project aims to help people try those things by providing partnered support in trying things out. So whether your things is getting comfortable saying no more often, trying on high heels, singing in front of a group of people, wearing a bikini for the first time, or shaving your head, I will help you get there and if you want, will do it with you!

I've been doing a lot of work trying to understand masculinity better. And now I'm looking to share my small pieces of learning with everyone!

Some of what we are doing already or are in the process of scheduling include:

  • long distance run training morning runs
  • shave my head
  • dye my hair blue and purple
  • wear super revealing clothes
  • performer on Broadway
  • wearing heels
  • modelling that challenges gender construct
  • meet someone
  • salsa dance
  • do yoga
  • wear a bikini
  • go vegan
  • boxing
  • wearing colourful pants

And hopefully we will continue to add!